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Ranch Homes Construction is a family owned business carried out by three generations of builders. The primary focus is on residential remodeling and new construction. We provide a full service from start to finish.

The name Ranch Homes Construction originated from my father’s business Ranch Homes Builders based out of Cleveland, Ohio which he started in the 1940's. His focus was on new construction as he built many single story Ranch Homes in the late 1940's and 1950's. When I was four my family moved to California and purchased a home in Willow Glen. I Mario Portale Sr. attended the local elementary and middle schools and graduated from Willow Glen High School where I met my wife ( Linda Palestro). My family has stayed in the area and continues to support local businesses.

My interest in construction started at a young age and with the help of my father Joe Portale, I was able to learn the tricks of the trade. In 1980 I became a licensed contractor and started my own business under the name Ranch Homes Construction to carry on the name my father started. My goal is to provide a service of quality, honesty and efficiency. As a result of carrying out this goal we have been able to establish a loyal client base in the San Jose Area.

As the business expanded I recruited my son Mario Portale Jr. He has been around the business his whole life and working by my side from the age of four. After attending Valley Christian High School and graduating from San Jose State with a bachelors degree in business management we became partners. 

What once was a company ran solely by myself is now a family ran operation. My son Mario Jr is now out in the field working with the tools helping to keep the projects on track. My son, Joey Portale ( a real estate agent at "Coldwell Banker"also plays a roll, bringing to our attention distressed properties that can be potential "flips". Finally, my wife Linda helps to bring the most creativity into the properties we build.

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